Who are we

In Rwanda 78.6% of the households are engaged in crop production (NISR, 2018) and in 2019, agriculture contributed 28% to GDP (with livestock alone contributing 14%) (NISR, 2019) and Rwanda is one of the fastest growing economies in Sub Saharan Africa.

Like millions of small-scale farmers in Africa, we experienced the struggle of generating meaningful incomes from small-scale agriculture due to non-functional markets and limited access to agriculture financing. It is from this frustrating experience that we decided to become a solution to millions of small-scale farmers in in Rwanda who are struggling to generate meaningful incomes from agriculture.

We are working hard to transform subsistence agriculture into market-oriented agriculture through training and market connections for smallholder farmers, effectively protecting them from price shocks while increasing their profits.

In RDI, we designed our “Smallholder Farmer Commercialization Model” which centres on investing in extremely rural and very small-scale farmers through the principles of cooperation and self-help. As of 2026, we hope to build one of Rwanda ’s largest communities of small-scale farmers and we are providing a sustainable solution to the most critical barriers hindering the prosperity of Rwanda’s most rural and small-scale farmers.

We want farmers to write different versions of their stories!

A future where youth actively contributes to sustainable development and advancement of rural communities.

Empowering youth with opportunities to become active citizens and creating sustainable incomes and livelihood opportunities for the rural poor households.

  1. Respect of Diversity
  2. Innovation and Spirit of Entrepreneurship
  3. Importance of Impact

How we do that

Farm Business Management

Through modular learning, we provide training to smallholder farmers that look at all aspects of the value chain from farm to buyer.

Networking and Policy Advocacy

We champion the annual Agriculture Festival, that brings together policy makers, donors and researchers to discuss agriculture policy and a forum for networking and business opportunities.

Market Linkages

It’s more than just training. We dedicate our efforts to connecting farmers to favourable markets.

Our Uniqueness

We are a community of young people that thrives in seeing youth playing an integral role in boosting agriculture in Rwanda.

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